Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend Update

We have had some fun these past few weekends. Lula and I made a quick weekend trip to Clarksville, Tennessee. I didn't take into account that Lula isn't napping for long periods of time during the day anymore, so the 4.5 hour trip from ATL to TN was a bit of a stretch. (It took us 7 hours to get to Marietta). Sooooo, we won't be taking long car rides without Zach. Ever. Again. It was so worth it though!

Then, Grant and Lucy came for a visit! Lots of relaxing, eating, and movie-watching. We did managed to visit Aiken, South Carolina with Meg and Joe, too. It was a cute town, and I'd like to go back this Spring. I've been blessed to see some wonderful friends this month. Our small group starts up soon, and I've tried out a "mom group," so here's to hoping we can make some good friends here too!

Towards the end of the trip from TN, we were both in tears

Our old place!!

Of course, my only picture from our weekend in TN... but Lu got to meet Laura, FINALLY!

In Aiken.

Lula's four month photo. She's getting so big!

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