Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lu: 7 Months Old

I definitely did not mean to let a whole month pass before updating, but here we are! Lula is now seven months old.

Here are some fun facts that I don't want to forget:

- Sitting up really well, for long periods of time
- Just cut her first tooth! ("O" - bottom left central incisor)
- Chewing on EVERYTHING (see above)
- Trying to say "Buck" all the time. (While this is cute, I would prefer "mamma" to be her first word. Buck is pretty apathetic towards her, so it is kind of sad to watch, haha.)
- Loves solid foods, especially fruit
- She loves her Mama the best... At least, that is my subjective opinion.

   May has been really good to me: I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day! We had a great weekend in Habersham with family.  The weekend before that, Zach's parents came to visit and helped paint our living room and kitchen. That was a fun weekend, too. I've been blessed with a lot of family time this month... I am home in Marietta as I write this!

   I fear that my blog posts all run together with phrases like: "It was so fun!" "It was so great!" "Lula was so cute!" But honestly, this time HAS been so great and so fun. Obviously, every single moment is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are some days that are lonely, other days that Lula is fussier than normal. Some nights are full of crying and bad sleep. But those moments are totally over shadowed by all these blessings, and I very quickly forget all the hard/tiring times of parenting. I am so thankful for these past seven months.

   That said - here are some pictures!

On a hike in North Georgia

Having fun. 

Reading with her Deddy

Lula & I on Mother's Day

Making sure her bathing suits fit.


 Seven Months Old!

  Looking forward to Memorial Day. Prepare yourself for "Baby in Lowcountry" pictures! 

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